friends & Oregon

I opened a text from my friend Steve and it read "Headed to Oregon next week, you should come down". I knew I didn't have much going on, and the drive wasn't too bad. Saturday, I worked in the morning, then took off to Hood River to meet Steve and Jay who'd been driving from Utah. We never really discussed a plan. Immediately they told me we're hiking Munra Point with Sarah, Mikey, and Elliot...I was in. This hike is pretty difficult, with parts being near vertical. Arriving at the ridge for sunset left me at a loss for words. 


The next day was just spent working at a local coffee shop, Steve and Jay we're skiing. The day after, we headed over to the coast. We relaxed on the beach most of the day, enjoying coastal sun mixed with the occasional spray of ocean mist. That night's sunset will stick with me, it reminded me of all the warm nights I've had, coupled with the laughter from friends. A 10,

IMG_0679 2.jpg

Another friend from Utah, who was on a road trip though Oregon and Washington, came down to meet us at Pacific City. After camping a night on the coast, we headed back inland to Hood. Elsa came to meet us for sunset at the mountain, and the six of us shot, drank hot chocolate, and enjoyed the sunset. Our last sunrise was spent cuddled in the back of my car at the base of Hood, half asleep, but just awake enough to watch the sun peak across the horizon. 

IMG_0341 2.jpg

The entire trip in Oregon reminded me that there doesn't have to always be a plan. I knew I was headed to Mt. Hood and that was the extent of my plan. I have a feeling that the days wouldn't have been close to the same if there wasn't as much time spent figuring what to do as actually doing it. It's the down time, the hanging, and the people that make the trip. I feel more inspired than ever to just go, just go and explore without a plan or destination in mind.