I don't think the temperature often rose above 0F. This week consisted of bundling up, driving through snowstorms, and embracing all that winter in the Canadian Rockies threw at us. Camping in the cars for 4 days left us cold and tired, with the worst of all: wet boots. Luckily, we were able to secure a hotel room for the last 3 nights of our trip, giving us a base to dry our clothes and sleep comfortably. The scenery was unlike any other, with massive mountains jetting out on either side of the valley. Under fresh snow, the trees and mountains had a whole new image, a true winter wonderland. The lakes started to freeze fast, slowly we made our way around the region hitting each of the spots we wanted to see. Last minute, we secured a helicopter flight above the Icefield's parkway. The flight was the last day of our trip, and easily the highlight of the whole week in Alberta.