travel through Indonesia

I set out on August 1st with a one way ticket and backpack of things I thought I might need to survive. Arriving on the 3rd, I stayed the night in Canggu, Bali. The next morning, after renting a motorbike, I set off on a journey to East Java with my friends Cody and Daniel. Since then, I've been traveling and exploring this region. Most of my time has been spent in Bali, but I've also visited East Java and Nusa Penida. For the entire month, every day I am exploring and learning, so many new experiences have pushed me to grow, more than I ever thought I could have. 


The diversity of Indonesia never ceases to amaze me. I've climbed towering volcanoes high enough to be above the clouds, swam at waterfalls deep in the jungle, and relaxed on beaches nice enough I'm surprised I ever left. The location and geography of Indonesia creates distinct regions separated by only a few miles. Southern Bali has crystal clear water, reefs, and cliffs. Central Bali is a network of dense forests and waterfalls. North Bali is high enough the climate completely shifts, covered in volcanoes and towering ridges. 


The people here, both locals and other travelers, are the nicest I've ever met. Anyone is willing to go out of their way to help or guide you. The town of Canggu is a fresh beach town with a backpacker vibe, I've lived here for the month and feel almost as if I could call it home. Bali has a sort of curse, that when you stay here long enough you make plans to never leave.