Journal 1: A month in BC


I never quite knew what it would be like to go full time freelance (if that even qualifies as what I'm doing now), but I had my first taste this past month. I've realized that with this life, all you really need is a laptop, camera, and wifi. That being said, allows you to travel and explore while still working. When the opportunity arose from Zack to spend the month in British Columbia, I didn't hesitate to call up Michael and drive up. 

We spent the first week and a half getting settled, camping, and just working.  In between entire days spent at coffee shops, we would venture off to forest roads or nearby lakes. These intermittent camping trips provided a sense of relief from the long days of emailing, editing, and planning. After a few days of being solo, with Zack at work all week, our roommates Alex and Vince arrived. The four of us essentially became a team, camping and working non-stop for the next 2 weeks. 

Michael and I briefly left BC to spend Easter with our families, but soon returned to much anticipated adventures. We worked on exploring the areas not very well known to many people. We spent time south of Chilliwack camping in the mountains, east a bit to Jones Lake, and a few days on the Sunshine Coast. We camped three days straight on the coast, experiencing a heavy mix of rain, wind, and sun. Our final day on the coast we visited a lake, not even our local "guide" Damon had been to. With prime canoe access we spent the sunset paddling and exploring the surrounding area. After sitting around the fire for a while, Alex, Michael, and I decided to sleep on the ground around the fire, directly under the stars. It really felt like spring. 

We we're able to finally all camp together, the five roommates, but it was one of the coldest and wettest camping trips I've ever been on. Nevertheless, it was well deserved as we had all spent the month together with our paths never crossing at the same time. Vince left back to Winnipeg and Alex has been busy settling into his new home.

Now, we are in our last few days here, mainly just working, planning jobs for the upcoming spring months. This experience taught me the value in stepping out of the comfort zone, living new places, and meeting new people. Really you don't need much to sustain yourself. The ability to live with less allowed me to be more mobile, something I've always wanted to do. This next month is going to be spent in Montana, living out of my car, essentially being a dirtbag, and I am so excited.